goMeta Remote Support

Steps to follow:
  1. Tell me that you need remote support.
  2. download goMeta_remote_support.exe or TeamViewerQS.exe
  3. execute the program (Mozilla Firefox saves it on your Desktop by default)
  4. double-click on the text on the left-hand side that says to double-click it.
  5. wait.
It is easier to trouble-shoot any problems that may arise if you have a direct way of communicating with me.

Please note that my usual fees apply.
Phone: +506-828-8803
Google Talk / Jabber (preferred): schweini[put the 'at-sign' here]gmail.com
MSN: moritz[put the 'at-sign' here]vonschweinitz.de
Skype: mschweini
eMail: schweini[put the 'at-sign' here]hostelo.com

Helpdesk.exe (tunneled)